Monday, December 10, 2012

Infinity Scarves

Unfortunately, all below designs are no longer available.  However, I wanted to provide you an idea of what else I offer.  Feel free to contact for custom orders. Thank you!

Pink Floral Lace Infinity- $15

Coral Lace Infinity- $15

Grey Sparkled Jersey Knit Infinity- $15

Baby Blue Lace Infinity- $15

Grey and Black Funky Pattern Jersey Knit Infinity- $15

Dark Animal Print Infinity- $15

Beige Striped Jersey Knit Infinity - $15

Pink and Navy Plaid Infinity - $15

Navy Floral Pattern with Grey Jersey Knit Double Sided Infinity- $18

Light Animal Print- Grey Tones Infinity - $15

Grey with Tiny Pink Flowers Infinity- $15

Brown Base with Pink and Yellow Flowers Infinity- $15

Soft Lilac Lace Infinity- $15

Red Netting Infinity- $15

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